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2 June, 2021

Will Fred throw his hat in the ring?

With the announcement of the resignation of Division 6 Councillor Kylie Farinelli, speculation and social media chatter has been intense as to likely candidates.

By Peter McCullagh

Fred James and Cassowary Coast Mayor, Mark Nolan

This morning, Innisfail resident and Cassowary Coast identity and community advocate Fred James announced that he was considering standing for the vacant Division 6 seat.

Fred James is the driving force behind the 'G'day World from Oz', sunflower project last year.

"I've been contacted by dozens of residents this morning asking me to stand.

"I have told them I need to wait, and if no candidate of suitable calibre is evident I will throw my hat in the ring and stand.

"I passionately love this region, I invest my time and money into promoting a positive and uplifting image and desperately wish to see the region flourish. 

"So watch this space," he said.

Fred’s sunflower project last year achieved world-wide recognition for the region as well as recognition at Cassowary Coast’s Australia Day Awards as Community Event of the Year.



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