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3 September, 2020

Time to fill up and save

Cheap fuel has once more surfaced in Cairns with motorists potentially saving up to twenty cents a litre at the bowser.

By Peter McCullagh

Discount fuel prices have hit Cairns once more

Now is the time to fill up for the weekend and save.

United on Ray Jones Drive and Liberty Mulgrave Road Woree both have fuel at less than $1.00 a litre.

The current price war between Liberty and United Petroleum is good news for Cairns motorists.

United Petroleum Chief Operating Officer, David Szymczak encourages motorists to fuel up and take advantage of the current discount prices.

"United brought discount fuel to North Queensland.

"From time to time a price war erupts, how long this extreme discounting will last, who knows. But what we do know is that United Petroleum offers value to our customers year-round.

"We would like to thanks our Cairns and North Queensland customers for their continued support and will also endeavour to bring value to motorist every time they fill up."

Petrolspy website are reporting the majority of petrol outlets in Cairns are currently charging between 119.9 and 121.0 per litre for unleaded 91.

Throughout the region prices remain high between 116.9 (Puma Mareeba) and 122.9 (Cairns and Port Douglas, whilst prices are much higher currently in Brisbane, with some outlets charging 140.0 or higher per litre.

You can keep up-to-date with current petrol prices with the Petrol Spy website.

When we publish our first hardcopy edition September 18, Cairns Local News will be reporting the petrol prices throughout our region.

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