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15 July, 2021

Showcasing the Great Barrier Reef

Special Envoy for the Great Barrier Reef and Leichhardt MP Warren Entsch will host a delegation of ambassadors and ambassadorial representatives today on a site visit to the Great Barrier Reef.

Mr Entsch will highlight Australia’s commitment to protecting the Reef and the science that underpins Australia’s $3 billion commitment to managing the Reef.

The visit will leave from Port Douglas and go to Agincourt Reef, one of the most frequently visited tourist sites, and an example of how individual reefs can and are recovering from extreme weather.

“A lot of people talk about the Great Barrier Reef without understanding the sheer size of it or the ways in which it can adapt,” Mr Entsch said.

“Local communities, Traditional Owners, marine scientists, tourism operators and farmers are working together to protect the Reef and this work plan is a key part of that process.

“We will be meeting with scientists, travelling out onto the water and looking at some of the challenges that Agincourt has faced through Crown of Thorns, cyclones and bleaching.

“Most importantly, we will be looking at the way it is recovering because it is a magnificent place to visit, and it is an example of the way well managed and cared for reefs can adapt and recover.

“The Great Barrier Reef is made up of 3000 connected reefs covering 334,00 square kilometres, and it is important people experience it first-hand to understand its complexity and its wonder.

“It is important they get an insight into the fantastic ways local communities, Traditional Owners, marine scientists, tourism operators and farmers work together to protect the Reef, something that is vital to the local economy and Australia’s tourism industry.”


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