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8 January, 2021

Reflecting the community's voice

ONE of the key pillars supporting our newspaper is the strong belief we should reflect the voices of the community. It’s fair to say that no one voice speaks for the masses, so we believe it’s essential to have diversity of voice and opinion within the pages of the Cairns Local News.

By Peter McCullagh

As editor I am cognisant that my voice and opinion cannot represent the full community of readers. To ensure we always remain relevant and reflective of our community we will turn this editorial column over to our readers on a regular basis.

This will be your opportunity to present a range of opinions and voices, a chance to ‘soap-box’ if necessary and raise issues of importance to our readers.

Obviously this cannot be a free-for-all with unfettered licence. Submissions will need to ensure they are factual, that they conform to the publishing standards of the Press Council. Submissions cannot vilify or defame. The ideal length is 250 to 300 words and submitting an article does not guarantee publication.

Cairns Local News reserves the right to edit the submission for the purpose of accuracy and presentation.

Submissions need to be emailed as a word document, not pdf format to with Editorial Submission in the subject field.

Please include with the submission your full name, contact details and address. Submission will need to be verified prior to publication.

All submissions need to be original and exclusive to Cairns Local News, and please include a one-sentence author ID at the bottom of your submission. Please do not assume all readers will know who you are and what your interest is in the opinion piece you have submitted.

What can you submit? Your opinion piece could be a personal or explanatory essay, commentary on news events, reflections on cultural trends and more are all welcome. We’re interested in anything well-written with a fact-based viewpoint we believe readers will find worthwhile.

Peter McCullagh


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