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31 October, 2020


What’s on Promise in the Far North

By Peter McCullagh

The north is set to benefit from major commitments from both parties. Health, crime and roads appear to be the big winners with major commitments given to upgrade or introduce new initiatives.

The University Hospital and health care have emerged as a major initiative in the north, with both parties committing significant funding to this project.

Cairns University Hospital


$15 million for the purchase of land

$1.5 million for preliminary business case


$15 million for the purchase of the land

$5 million for preliminary and detailed business cases

$160 million for construction

Other health related pledges


$26.4 million to expand Cairns Hospital Emergency Department

$20.7 million for Cairns Hospital upgrades

$11.5 million for a youth rehab centre in Cairns

$2 million to add a new endoscopy room to Cairns Hospital

$1.8 million for a new morgue at Coen

$1.3 million for upgrades to Wujal Wujal Primary Health Care Centre

$1.5 million to convert unused Cairns Hospital space into a Pre-Admission Clinic

$840,000 for business case for Cooktown Multipurpose Health Service redevelopment

$800,000 to fit out a 12th operating theatre at Cairns Hospital

$500,000 for Weipa Hospital redevelopment business case

$470,000 for two new McGrath Breast Care nurses in Cairns

9475 new frontline health workers across the state, including 92 more doctors, 492 more nurses and midwives and 130 more health professionals across Far North Queensland

New PPE warehouse for Woree


$26 million Cairns Hospital Emergency Department expansion

$19.8 million to cut Cairns and Hinterland surgical waiting lists to zero

$2 million for a kidney transplant unit in Cairns

4500 more nurses, doctors, paramedics and allied health workers across Queensland

Updated: 07:00

Keeping our communities safe

Both major parties have pledged major funds and policies to meet the rising backlash against crime.

Labor have pledged an additional 150 new police officers across the north with the LNP committing to an additional 60 new police officers here in Cairns.

Under Labor facilities will be upgraded as well as additional firefighters employed across Queensland.

The LNP see a reduction in crime being achieved through legislation changes with changes planned with curfews and mandatory detention.


150 new police officers to Far North region

$10 million to expand the Lyons Street Diversionary Centre in Cairns

New police station for Laura

Police station upgrades at Aurukun and Pormpuraaw

357 new firefighters to be appointed across Queensland

New police facility in West Cairns

New police barracks in Manunda

New PPE warehouse for Woree

2 New mobile Police Beat Vans


60 new police officers to be stationed in Cairns

Six-month youth curfew trial in Cairns and Townsville

Monitoring of youth offenders 24-7

Mandatory detention for third convictions

Establish a Community Payback Farm program with increased rehabilitation for repeat offenders

Scrap youth bail houses

Return of  breach of bail

New cameras and new technology to assist in cracking down on hooning

Increased early intervention through a justice reinvestment trial

Create a new Child Protection Force of dedicated police investigators who operate 24 hours per day

18:00 Polls have closed across Queensland. Counting will commence and the first results will start to flow.

Predictions vary, with some polls expecting the ALP to lose seats in Brisbane as well as North Queensland, potentially delivering victory to the LNP.

Whilst other polling suggests the ALP will hold onto a slender majority.

All will be revealed in the coming days.

18:54 With over 100,000 votes counted it looks to be neck and neck between the ALP and the LNP.

It is too early to see any pattern except a close contest. Key seats of South Brisbane as well as Barron River will perhaps determine the outcome.

In South Brisbane, Green candidate Amy MacMahon has opened a strong early lead against sitting member Jackie Trad. With all parties preferencing against Labor Trad looks to be facing an uphill battle to retain her seat.

19:57 The ALP creep closer to outright victory. Requiring 47 seats for a majority. Requiring 47 seats to govern outright the ALP currently rest with 41 seats to 19 for the LNP.

10:43  Channel 9 call the election for the ALP. Annastacia Palaszczuk is expected to soon address party faithful and make a public statement regarding the projected outcome of this election.

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