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24 June, 2022


AS part of changes to the Australian Government’s job seeker system, APM Employment Services is bringing new Workforce Australia Services to Cardwell, Tully, Malanda and Wongaling Beach.

Employees at APM Cairns (L-R) Back row, Raechel Bolton, Nikki Tranter, Elizabeth Garrigan, Lisa Livingston and Libby Molloy. Front row, Lauren Kerr, Terrena Anziliero

The new program will begin when APM opens its doors to job seekers on July 1 in all four locations and will support the area’s growing need for employment support services, with the unemployment rate currently at 4.6%. 

Ashley Schmearl from APM Cairns said it was essential to ensure Cairns residents have access to job opportunities. 

“We’re delighted to be supporting job seekers and eligible unemployed people across Cairns in their quest to find fulfilling careers,” Ms Schmearl said. 

“At APM, we’re passionate about ensuring that all Australians have access to equal employment opportunities and support services, regardless of their background. 

“We aim to level the playing field and support those most in need, empowering them to feel confident in the workplace and invest in themselves and their career.” 

APM is Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services (DES), another government employment program. In 2021 they supported 227,000 individuals through job seeker support programs. 

The Workforce Australia system will replace the jobactive program, which APM delivers in 18 out of 51 employment regions nationwide. 

The new Workforce Australia system will see APM deliver multiple employment programs to help job seekers in 27 regions. 

The new Workforce Australia system includes tailored programs such as Enhanced Services, Career Transition Services, Employability Skills Training and Transition to Work. 

Support provided across the programs will vary depending on each individual’s circumstances and eligibility. 

Most programs include assistance with identifying types of work a job seeker would be suitable for, help with resumes, job applications and performing in job interviews. 

The programs also give job seekers advice on local labour markets and insights on potentially suitable employers. 

APM will also provide specialist consultants to support Indigenous Australians, those culturally and linguistically diverse, self-employed, transitioning careers or needing to enhance employability skills and training. 

For more information about APM and Workforce Australia, visit

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