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26 October, 2020


LNP Candidate for Cook Nipper Brown announced that an LNP Government will declare Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) a noxious weed and contribute $10,000 to its eradication from local waterways.

Mr Brown said that declaring Amazon Frogbit a noxious weed is essential in order to eradicate it from choked local waterways, including the Atherton Creek. 

Mr Brown hopes to work with Muluridgi Rangers to clear the invasive weed. Amazon Frogbit is used in fish ponds, aquariums and water features, but develops rapidly and can quickly choke waterways if introduced. 

Juvenile plants are carried by currents and quickly spread to other waterways. It is suspected a fish tank was dumped into the Atherton creek around three years ago. 

“If we don’t stop it now, it will spread into the Barron and Mitchell River areas. By that stage it will be too late,” 

Mr Brown said. The weed is banned in New South Wales and Western Australia, and is a declared noxious weed in Victoria. 

The LNP’s plan to build a stronger economy means more investment in regional communities and eradicating pests and weeds.

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