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30 October, 2020

Lights, Camera, ACTION on the Environment

International and national experts to star alongside local earth heroes proving Cairns change-makers are world class.

By Nicole Gibson

When Cairns documentary filmmakers Shay Ryan Douglas and Thomas Lowth decided to make a film showcasing local organisations doing great things for people and the earth, they had no idea the big names that would get involved. 

Internationally renowned cell biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton, top American soil regeneration expert, Dr Zach Bush, and Australian science guru Dr Karl Kruszelnicki feature alongside leading local organisations and experts including Reef Restoration Foundation, Organic Motion, Parley Australia, permaculturist Annaliese Hordern and author Lesley Van Staveren. 

Creative Director Mr Douglas said the film had eclipsed all expectations of what the duo thought was possible when they started filming two years ago. 

“Obviously we had an idea leading into the film of what we were looking to capture and who we wanted in it,” Mr Douglas said. 

 “However, what we’ve created now is a complete evolutionary, mind-blowing progression from what we set out to achieve.” The documentary, called The Regeneration, is on track to be released in December this year featuring Committee for Waste Reduction President and author Lesley Van Staveren. Ms Van Staveren said she whole-heartedly stood by the filmmakers and their vision because there is so much we can do for the planet, sustainability and the circular economy. 

“Everything is connected energy and we need to start perceiving how we act, what we do and what we use differently in every single sense, from material objects to how we interact with each other,” Ms Van Staveren said. 

The duo’s goal for the film is to waken peoples’ awareness to the number of projects and actions being taken on a daily basis to bring about a better future. 

“Our main intention is to elevate the stories of inspiring people in the local community who are working towards a more positive, regenerative future,” said Mr Douglas. The trailer for the film can be viewed via the Facebook page Earth Heroes or at

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