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1 October, 2021

Keeping the bastards honest

THE Australian Democrats have signalled ahead of the looming federal election a desire once more to feature predominately on the cross benches of the Senate.

By Peter McCullagh

Moving back to their grass roots, the Australian Democrats are establishing local branches across the nation with the view to fielding candidates in key electorates.

Founded in 1977 by former Liberal cabinet minister, Don Chipp, the Australian Democrats are Australia’s oldest and most successful minor party.

The party had senators in federal parliament for over 30 years.

The Democrats held the balance of power in the senate from 1980 to 2004, and sole balance of power for 13 years of that time.

The party was deregistered six years ago, but continued to operate as a political organisation, regaining federal registration again in 2019.

With a renewed vigour and a focus firmly upon rural Australia, the Australian Democrats believe it’s time for a party to champion rural Australia and focus upon sustainable agriculture and management of climate change, based on scientific evidence, and best practice.

More information on the Australian Democrats can be found on their website, 

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