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1 February, 2021

Katter call for immediate removal of all crocs from populated areas

Kennedy MP Bob Katter has once more called for the controlled and immediate removal of crocodiles from all populated areas in Queensland.

By Peter McCullagh

Bob Katter has call for the immediate removal of all crocodiles from populated areas in Queensland

Speaking today with Cairns Local News, Mr Katter said he was sick and tired of the Queensland Government’s handling of crocodiles.

“They tell us it’s the crocodiles’ territory,” he said.

“The crocodile population is growing, the current management strategy is just not working, and we have to get our priorities in order.

“Lake Placid has never belonged to the crocodiles. If they knew anything about the ecological history of Australia, they would know the First Australians got a significant part of their diet from crocodile meat and eggs. Lake Placid was never a crocodile habitat, “stated My Katter.

This week a 56 year-old Cairns local man was attacked whilst swimming at a popular cairns swimming spot.

Mr Mark Ridge had taken a lunchtime swim in Lake Placid when he was attached a grabbed around his head by what he thought to be a 2 metre plus crocodile.

After managing to free himself from the croc’s vice like grip he swam for shore and paramedics were called.

In January 2020 the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science issued a warning, advising of a sighting of a two-metre crocodile. Under the QLD Crocodile Management Plan 2017, this croc should have been marked for removal.

   “half-witted, Lilypad Lefties, with stars in their eyes and marijuana in their head and lungs,”  - Bob Katter

This sighting was made by members of the public and later confirmed by DES Wildlife officers.

Since the attack on Thursday a further warning has been issued by the Department and further investigations launched.

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A Department of Environment and Science spokesperson stated, “On January 28, following reports of a swimmer being bitten by a crocodile in Lake Placid, DES wildlife officers began a search of the area.

 After extensive searching, the target animal has not been sighted and has likely returned to the Barron River.

 “A trap will be set for the animal in case it returns.

 “Wildlife officers will continue to monitor Lake Placid.

If captured the croc would be provided to a farm or zoo, and they are not sure if this croc is the same one reported in January 2020, as they are highly mobile.

 “Under the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan, Lake Placid is within Zone B (Active Removal Zone). This means that any crocodile confirmed to be present is targeted for removal by DES and its contractors.

“All crocodiles that pose a threat to human safety are targeted for removal under the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan.”

  " say that we can’t remove crocodiles. You’d prefer little children and human beings get torn to pieces”  - Bob Katter

Katter believe it’s time to put people before animals and time to get serious about the management of these creatures.

 Bob Katter says he is sick of dealing with “half-witted, Lilypad Lefties, with stars in their eyes and marijuana in their head and lungs,”

“You’d have to have no heart, no soul and no brain to say that we can’t remove crocodiles. You’d prefer little children and human beings get torn to pieces.”

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