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29 October, 2021

K9 sniffers on the ant trail

THE NATIONAL Electric Ant Eradication Program’s canine team recently talked to students attending the Vets in Progress school holiday program run by the Boongarry Vet surgery at Aeroglen. Designed to give school aged youth an insight into working in the animal industry, the program also promotes animal welfare, responsible pet ownership and animal care.

Students were shown live electric ants and learnt about the threat they pose to the environment, including how their venomous sting can potentially blind pets and native animals.

The Program’s specially trained dogs gave a demonstration of how they can detect the odour of these tiny ants and the handlers explained the important role that the team of four dogs has in finding and eradicating electric ants from the Far North Queensland region.

At the end of the demonstration, the students had the opportunity to talk to the dog handlers about what they do each day, how they came to be working with the program and potential career paths in working with odour detection dogs.

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