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4 March, 2021

Holidays are dog-gone for PD Axel

One of our most popular units in the Queensland Police Service (QPS) is the Dog Squad. Whilst our Queensland Police Dogs live with their handlers and their family, the dogs belong to the QPS.

PHOTO: Supplied QPS

Working, living and playing together creates a very tight bond which is extremely important when the duo attend high risk jobs at all hours of the day and night.

Like other PDs, Axel and his handler, Sergeant Dave Raymond work, live and play together, so when Dave takes recreation leave, PD Axel does too.

So what does a Police Dog do on holidays I hear you ask?

PD Axel is like most dogs, he just wears a cape when he’s at work. He likes to to take time out and get back to nature, take a romp in a mud puddle, roll in smelly things, dig up bones, head to the beach for a swim and a roll in the sand.

This week, PD Axel and Sergeant Raymond returned to duty, however before they hit the road, Sergeant Raymond had a very important job… to bath Axel.

Whilst this dynamic duo do most things together, bathing is more of a chore.

Whilst Sergeant Raymond is envy to many, he’s quick to remind us that being a Dog Squad Handler is a fantastic job, it’s also very challenging both mentally and physically.

“Our Dog Squad officers are on call, so it’s not uncommon for them to be called out at 2am to run a track for suspects,” Sergeant Raymond said.

“Those tracks on average are three to four kilometres long, over fences, through yards, thick bushland, cane paddocks and steep terrain, often in pitch black conditions

“Not knowing what is around the next corner, our dogs and handlers need to be ever ready for a combative armed offender or someone intent on fighting police to make good their escape.”

PD Axel is back on deck, smells good and ready for anything. The vest Axel has on is fitted with cool packs for comfort and is also designed to protect him.

The vest also allows Axel to be winched down cliffs and from the helicopter when required.

PD Axel loves his job so much that he has a high pitch cry he releases when he hears an emergency service vehicle using their siren. Axel associates the siren with a bit of action, so he gets rather excited and his high pitched noise is described as ‘a little annoying’ by Sergeant Raymond.

As you can see this pair are dressed and ready for anything!

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