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16 October, 2020

Fred's Feel-good Farm

At a time when the world needs to smile more, one regional town is giving the world over 45,000 reasons to break out their toothy grins and feel good.

By Peter McCullagh

Fred James, a very proud and vocal resident of Innisfail has just the right thing to change the way we view life at the moment. Looking for a way to promote the town Fred loves so much, and also a way to bring a genuine sense of joy to the masses, Fred came up with the “G’day from Oz” sunflower project. 

Working with great immediate neighbours, 10 acres of land was ploughed and 45,000 sunflower plants were seeded. Spelling out in giant letters, ‘G’day from Oz’ plus a giant smiley face, the sunflower project has started blooming. 

Fred has opened his property to visitors wishing to grab that unforgettable social media pic, or wanting to visit and be infused with the positive energy that abounds in the fields. “I cannot get over the reaction to this. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this would take off like it has.

 “All I wanted was an opportunity for people to feel better about themselves and what’s happening around them. “This is going global and Innisfail is putting a smile of the faces of millions. “When you come to see the sunflowers, come for day or stay overnight in Innisfail. There’s so much to see and do.

“It’s amazing just what a difference a smiley face and a positive message to the world can make today.” When asked why sunflowers? “The sunflower is colourful and uplifting, this is designed to lift the spirits of the community and shine the spotlight on Innisfail.” 

Fred’s ‘Feel-good Farm’ will be accepting visitors for next 7 days, whilst the sunflowers are in bloom. Visitors can walk in the sunflower fields to grab that memorable picture, or walk to the neighbouring hill that provides an amazing vista of the field. 

Fred opened the farm last Sunday, with over 300 vehicles and 1000 visitors, it seems this project is very much in demand. Fred is planning other projects, all similar in nature and designed to create a positive and uplifting feeling within the town he so loves. 

To get there, head to Innisfail, turn off Bruce Highway onto Palmerston Highway. 

Drive for 100 metres and Shaw Road is first to the right. Travel down Shaw Road for 125 metres and turn left into 6 Shaw Road. 

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