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5 November, 2021

Flying fox Management times extended

MEASURES used to successfully deter spectacled flying-foxes from roosting at the CBD Library site, or settling in other areas within the CBD, will be extended.

From Monday (1 November), deterrent activities were extended at night, intermittently, between 6pm and 7am. Operational hours will be reduced pending the success of the deterrent activities. 

Council will endeavour to continue to use only low-impact deterrents, with minimal noise and lighting, to deter flying foxes from the site. Similar deterrents to discourage spectacled flying-foxes from roosting along the Esplanade have been successfully used by Council for several years, with no injury or stress caused to the animals in that time. The activity will be undertaken by appropriately qualified and experienced individuals and is tailored to minimise any stress on the animals with daily monitoring and reporting to continue. Deterrence will be modified or stopped if dependent young are likely to be impacted. Council’s flying fox management activities have been successful on two fronts, for the wellbeing of the animals and for the community. 

Significantly, there have only been six recorded spectacled flying fox deaths at the Cairns Library site in the past year, that is in contrast to previous years where over 200- 400 mortalities were recorded at the site. 

The absence of flying foxes from the City Library site has also been welcomed by the community residents, who are able to use this public space without incident. 

Council continues to work in collaboration with State and Federal governments on all matters relating to management of spectacled flying foxes, including compliance, conservation and recovery planning. The extension of deterrent activities is approved by the State Department of Environment and Science.

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