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19 March, 2021

Extradition order issued for murder suspect

It has been confirmed that an extradition order has been issued for an Indian man wanted by Queensland Police in regard to the murder of Toyah Cordingley.

By Peter McCullagh

Rajwinder Singh is believed to be in India and accused of the murder of Toyah Cordingley more than two years ago,

Toyah was killed at Wangetti Beach in October 2018 whilst talking her dog for a walk. Her father discovered her body the next dog whilst searching for Toyah after she did not return from her walk.

The accused, Rajwinder Singh is believed to have fled Australia for India, leaving his wife and child behind and no notification to his employer as to his intentions.

Since fleeing police have investigated and initially name Singh as a person of interest in the case.

Ms Cordingley’s family and friend have run a highly successful community and social media campaign, ensuring public awareness is maintained and to pressure for the extradition of the suspect after the release of his name.

Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch said an extradition order had finally been issued with Attorney-General Christian Porter working closely with Queensland police to prepare a brief of evidence.

A statement issued today by the Assistant Minister to the Attorney-General, Senator the Honourable Amanda Stoker.

“I can confirm that I have signed an extradition request to India with respect to a man wanted by Queensland Police in relation to the murder of Toyah Cordingley near Cairns in 2018.

“Extradition requests vary considerably in complexity and can depend on a number of factors including the criminal offences, the criminal conduct underlying those offences and the volume of the documentation required to make a valid extradition request to another country, as well as the relevant country’s own legal processes,” she said.

“Generally, the Australian Government does not comment on individual steps along the extradition process in an individual matter.

“However, given the intense community and media interest in this matter, I am publicly confirming that a formal extradition request has been approved by me, as Assistant Minister to the Attorney-General.

“The next step in the extradition process is to formally lodge the request with India.

“Whilst I appreciate the ongoing focus on this case, it is important that extradition processes which are now in train are able to proceed through the proper, legal process.”

In a media conference in Canberra, Federal Member for Leichhardt, Warren Entsch said the extradition order was a critical step in achieving justice for Toyah.

“It has been very frustrating, and I really feel for that family,” he said.

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