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4 March, 2021

Warren Entsch to re-contest Leichhardt

IN a shock announcement, Federal member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch announced he would contest the coming Federal Election.

By Peter McCullagh

Previously Entsch had announced he would retire at the end of this term to spend more time with his family

The prospect of Entsch’s retirement had opened the door for several locals with federal representation aspirations.

Cairns Regional Councillor Brett Olds and Nicole Tobin were both likely contenders for pre-selection. Entsch’s decision has forced both contenders to shelve their plans.

In a media statement earlier this week, announcing his decision to recontest the election Entsch stated:

“In 2019, on election night, I announced that I would not recontest the next federal election, as I felt the time was right to pursue other interests outside politics.

However, that decision was made well before the global COVID-19 pandemic was even thought of, or before it reached our shores.

Our region was one of the first to be severely impacted by the pandemic and we will be one of the last to recover.

I was recently approached by several tourism, business and community leaders across the region urging me to reconsider my retirement plans.

Their argument was they needed my experience, connections and credibility as a senior government member, as well as the experience of my wonderful staff, to maximise opportunities for the region as we begin the recovery phase.

They are firmly of the view this is certainly not the time for change.

Therefore, after careful consideration I have decided to recontest the next federal election which is due to be held before May 2022.

It is certainly not a decision I made lightly.

There were many sleepless nights and heartfelt discussions with my beautiful wife Yolonde and my family before I finally came to this decision.

Sadly, as I said earlier, our community will continue to face many challenges over the next few years as we begin our recovery from the global pandemic.

It will be a tough road but one we will navigate together.

I feel it is incumbent on me during these uncertain times to continue to support our community and its residents for as long as it takes along this road.

My experience will ensure our community continues to have strong, effective and stable leadership during these unprecedented times.”

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