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15 July, 2021

eCup solution to plastics ban

TO tackle increasing pollution and the environmental damage associated with plastics, Queensland is set to become the second state after South Australia to ban single-use plastics.

By Peter McCullagh

From September 1 this year, the sale and supply of single use plastic cutlery, straws, plates and expanded polystyrene takeaway food containers and cups will be banned. It will be illegal for businesses, restaurants, cafes, takeaway food shops and supermarkets to supply and sell these items.

Any plastics item that is 100 per cent compostable will be exempted from the ban.

The implication for our sporting, social and wedding industries is enormous. Having a beer at the footy currently involves a single use plastic cup. After every home game for the Northern Pride hundreds of throw-away plastics cups would end up in landfill or even the ocean.

An Australian company has the solution. The eCup Reusable Cups & Systems are designed and manufactured here in Australia and offers a viable, affordable multi-use alternative to the flimsy plastic disposable cups currently in use.

The eCup Reusable Cups & Systems is a simple and very affordable concept allowing companies to go reusable, make and save money, prevent landfill, withy charitable options to promote and brand themselves using an exceptionally durable, washable reusable cup.

eCup Reusable Cups & Systems CEO, John Maule saw a need for viable alternative to the single use, flimsy plastic cups at sporting and social events.

“There were millions of plastic cups every month going into landfill and our rivers, or worse still just littering our landscape.

“We needed a real solution: An exceptionally durable, medical grade, heat tolerant reusable cup, and it had to be affordable as well as environmentally responsible,” he said.

After two and a half years of research and development along with dozens of prototypes through this process the eCup was launched.

Ideal for special events, sporting, and social events, eCup Reusable cups can be colorfully branded during the molding process creating the ideal replacement for single use plastic drinks cups.

“The first goal in design was to make it fit the hand and feel good.

“We also needed eCup Reusable Cups to always be great to drink from, so the flavour of the beer, wine, spirits, cocktail or soft drink was not compromised; and the final requirement was that the eCup Reusable Cup had to pull a good beer head and hold it

“eCup Reusable Cups &  Systems had to be reusable, workable and adaptable to all events, large or small to help in lowering post cleanup and recycling costs within a circular economy profile.

“We managed to put a tick in each of those boxes so event, festival, sporting clubs’ managers and stadiums along with consumers would embrace their use.”

The eCup Reusable Cups & Systems are manufactured in South Australia, with the IML (In Mold Label) designs embedded during the molding process into the high quality food grade PP (#5) Polypropylene plastic, allowing the eCup Reusable Cups to be reused hundreds of times without the IML pattern or branding being compromised.

Due to their durability, the eCup Reusable Cups can withstand heat sterilisation, making them the ideal reusable beverage solution for large or small companies, sporting events and festivals.

The eCup Reusable Cups & Systems’ QR Code Cross Media Platform takes product marketing and event branding to a new level.

“We have built the Australian based platform allowing savvy business operators, marketers and consumers to instantly engage with their smart phones to an endless array of digital pathways including interactive event content, websites, e-commerce portals and social media from one platform.”

The possibilities are endless. The eCup Reusable Cups & Systems are Australian made and very local. It’s no longer ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’, going forward it will be ‘Reuse, Refill and Reuse’.

“Its modern state of the art branding and in a very environmental way.”

More information about the eCup Reusable Cups Systems can be found at

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