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24 October, 2020

Cassowary Coast Crime Wrap Oct 23

The latest update for the Cassowary Coast

Charges, Innisfail:
A local man and woman were charged with a number of offences after an incident on Saturday night (October 17).

Around 8pm, a 22-year-old man has allegedly stolen a jug of beer from an Edith Street business.

It will be further alleged that during his arrest, he has attempted to fight officers and then attempted to run from them.

It will be further alleged that a 24-year-old woman has spat on police. She too was subsequently arrested.

The pair were transported to the Innisfail Watchhouse.

The woman was charged with one count each of obstruct police and serious assault police.

The man was charged with one count each of stealing and obstruct police.

The pair are scheduled to appear in the Innisfail Magistrates Court on November 2.

High range drink driver, Innisfail:
A 60-year-old East Innisfail man was intercepted around 10pm on Owen Street for a roadside breath test.

As a result of that test he was transported to Innisfail Station for further testing.

It will be alleged that he returned a reading of 0.165 per cent.

His licence was suspended and he is scheduled to appear at the Innisfail Magistrates Court on November 23.

Drive safely through roadworks:

With a number of roadworks appearing along the Bruce Highway, it is a timely reminder for extra care to be given when driving through roadworks—this is for your safety and the safety of the roadworkers who are improving our roads.

When driving through roadworks, you must:
• move into the correct lane (or designated area) as soon as possible
• slow down (to the reduced speed limit if one has been posted)
• drive very carefully
• look out for roadworkers
• follow roadworkers’ instructions
• follow direction of the traffic controller if one is present
• watch for vehicles entering or leaving the area
• follow all signs
• keep a safe distance from all vehicles, barriers, equipment and roadworkers.

Roadwork signs and markers
Roadwork signs alert you to where roadworks start and end and tell you the speed limit that you must stick to in that area. Roadwork signs are official traffic signs—by law you must follow them.

The reduce speed sign is usually the first sign you will see. It tells you to look out for upcoming roadworks or roadworkers, and to slow down to the speed limit listed on the sign.

The reduce speed sign with the roadworker warning sign tells you to expect roadworkers on or near the road and to slow down to the speed limit listed on the sign.

The traffic controller sign is used when traffic controllers are on the road. You must always follow the directions of the traffic controller.

The end roadwork sign is the last sign you will see when driving through roadworks. It marks the end of the roadworks and tells you that, after passing the sign, the road’s normal speed limit applies.

Orange cones and safety barriers are often put out within roadwork areas to guide you around hazards or show you exactly where the roadwork is currently taking place

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