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8 October, 2020

“Bushie” Smith feels the pulse of Traeger

LNP candidate for Traeger Marnie Smith has felt the pulse of the vast electorate and believes she has the right medicine to bring new life to the region.

Traeger LNP candidate Marnie Smith (second from right) with Senator Susan McDonald (fourth from right) and members of the RDA committee at Cloncurry.

Ms Smith, a self-confessed bushie who grew up in Forsayth, has clocked up thousands of kilometres in the last week talking to local residents and community groups about their particular issues.

“There’s a wonderful spirit of outback independence out here but these hard-working Australians desperately need a strong voice to speak up on their behalf,” she said.

“I grew up out in the bush; I know how important it is to support our primary producers and the towns in the region.

“These are what I call the forgotten Australians and I want to stand up for them,” she said.

Ms Smith was speaking after attending a dinner in Cloncurry organised by Regional Development Australia (RDA).

“RDA are doing great work in the north and north-west,” she said.

“I was pleased to hear about their agenda to bring much-needed funds and services to the region.

“A lot of city people don’t realise that just under 30,000 residents living in the Traeger electorate contribute over $17 billion to the national economy.”

Ms Smith said she strongly supported the RDA’s stated aims which include:

·         Attracting much-needed investment to the 450, region;

·         Improving roads and bridges;

·         Developing a sustainable aviation industry;

·         Bringing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills to the region; and

·         Assisting local authorities to access funding from both state and federal governments.

RDA is a national network of committees made up of local leaders who work with all levels of government, business and community groups to support the economic development of their regions.

Ms Smith, no stranger to long-distance road trips, pledged her support, if elected, for:

  • More affordable housing;
  • Better roads;
  • Relaxation of restricted vegetation management legislation;
  • A major reduction in surgery waiting lists;
  • A back-to-basics approach to education, including making English compulsory; and
  • Advocating for improved mental health facilities in the electorate.

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government is $6 billion behind in regional roads spending – that’s scandalous,” said Ms Smith.

“Roads are critical arteries for freight, tourism and community connectivity. They help make the North more liveable and encourage people to move here or stay,” she said.

“If I gain the support of voters at the forthcoming election, I will devote all my energy to the people of Traeger,” she said.

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