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14 December, 2020


Cassowary Coast Regional Council Mayor Mark Nolan said that Council had voted in favour to implement the proposed Backflow Prevention Device Policy.

“Local Governments are obligated, by Queensland Legislation, for establishing and maintaining a program for the registration, maintenance and testing of testable backflow prevention devices located in their area.

“Backflow prevention devices are important because it prevents the contamination of the communities’ water supply and stops water flowing backwards from within a customer’s property and into Council’s pipes.

“A clean, constant flow of water is one of the benefits of modern society but everyone has a part to play in keeping that water clean and free of pollutants.

“Businesses having the appropriate devices in place helps ensure our water remains clean and free from contaminants.

“The implemented policy means that properties that present a high or medium risk to the potable water supply will be contacted by Council to register and test their devices.

“We understand that it will take time to implement the policy so we have put in place, a two year amnesty on backflow devices annual fees and will not charge an application fee for registering new testable backflow prevention devices,” Councillor Nolan said.

“As part of a regulatory and mandatory requirement, Council will keep a register of all testable devices and ensure these devices are being tested annually by a backflow accredited plumber.

“In January 2021, Council will begin to contact impacted properties with more information on what property owners responsibilities are.

“We will also be holding information sessions for interested property owners and plumbers to allow residents and businesses to ask further questions.

“Residential properties will not be required to register or test any backflow prevention devices.

“Council has developed this policy in line with other Councils and steps that they have taken to adhere to the legislation requirements.

“All impacted property owners will be contacted by Council, however in the meantime, if you have questions please feel free to call or visit our offices.”

More information on Backflow prevention devices can be found at

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