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5 August, 2021

Annual tree giveaway to Cassowary Coast residents

Cassowary Coast Regional Council is encouraging residents to build a greener tomorrow by taking advantage of Council’s free native tree giveaway.

Councillor Jeff Baines portfolio holder for Environment said during the four days of giveaway in April of this year, Council gave away 616 trees at a value of almost $2,500 to the 266 people who visited the Council nurseries. 

“Council supports the tree giveaway initiative as it benefits both the community and the natural environment through the growing of local native plants in our gardens.

“Native plants are generally easier to grow and maintain, they provide habitat for wildlife, attract birds and butterflies to our gardens and help decrease the weed problem of exotic garden escapees.

The August tree giveaway provides a choice of six native plant species including trees, shrubs, and groundcover. These are Castanospermum australe (Black bean), Melaleuca leucadendra (Weeping paperbark), Acacia racospermoides (Wattle), Mackinlaya sp (Blue Umbrella), Cleistanthus apodus (Weeping Cliestanthus), and Dianella Caerulea (Blue flax lily).

“Residents may not be aware that Council nurseries sell many varieties of native plants year round and residents can visit to purchase these throughout the year,” said Councillor Baines

Council nurseries will be open for the free tree giveaway from 8am to 3pm on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 of August and the following week on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 of August. 

Residents of the Cassowary Coast can collect 2 free trees each in person from either the council nursery in Innisfail or Tully. Limit two trees per person. Numbers are limited.

·         Innisfail Council Nursery located at corner of Sundown and Campbell Streets, Innisfail.

·         Tully Council Nursery – Council depot, Anderson St, Tully.


For further information contact council on 1300 763 903 or email

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