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5 August, 2021

An easy fix is TelePhix

WE all have dozens of old mobile phones in our bottom draw at home. Maybe they have a cracked screen, short battery life, or they have been drowned. At the time, we thought it would be easier to replace them rather than repair them.

By Peter McCullagh

With the cost of mobile phones escalating, the cheapest and best option in many instances is to take the phone into a licenced and experienced repair agent and have your faithful easy to operate trusty mobile back in top condition.

TelePhix, Mobile Phone Repairs and Accessories is a new and ‘old’ business here in Cairns.

New because it has only just opened, ‘old’ because its technician Mitchell Chesini has been around Cairns working on tens of thousands of phones and tablets for the past 10 years.

“Many times, people take the easy option when it comes to a damaged phone.

“In a throwaway society we think it’s easier and cheaper to replace rather than repair.

“That may have been the case a few years ago, but now a new iPhone will cost about $2000 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is almost $2,500,” he said.

A cracked screen is easy to replace with genuine quality aftermarket parts and can be as little as $100, saving the owner a significant amount of money.

“Even if you drown your phone, we can work to either partially recover or fully recover the data and depending on the extent of the water damage we could even have your phone operating again like new.

TelePhix specialises in professional repairs along with data transfer, a service where the phone data, photos and settings are transferred from an existing phone to a newly purchased phone.

“We take the hassle out of your upgrade, buy your new phone from any supplier, bring it to us along with your old phone and we can have you up and mobile, as well as giving you a quick operating lesson on your new phone, it’s an easy fix with TelePhix.”


Saving a drowned phone

Do Not:

·         Attempt to power up your phone.

·         Do not pack your phone in rice. It does not work and will not absorb the moisture that is inside the phone.


Please do:

·         If the phone is still on, power it down.

·         If the phone appears to be off, do NOT attempt to power the phone up.

·         Dry the phone to remove all surface water, place on a dry towel and place under a steady flow of cool air from a hair dryer or a fan.

·         Rotate the position of the phone to increase the air flow into all natural openings of the phone.

·         Do not attempt to take the back off to dry the phone.

·         Take the phone to a qualified and experienced repair agent to commence with the repair or retrieval of data.



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