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28 July, 2021

A plan for the future of Cairns

Shaping the city’s future by striving to earn the trust of residents, being transparent and responsible in community interactions, and safeguarding the character of the Cairns are the core values which will guide Cairns Regional Council over the next five years

Adopted today, the Corporate Plan 2021-2026 provides a framework for all decisions and programs that will be implemented by Council.

“Through our Corporate Plan, we have documented the core values that will drive everything that we do,” Mayor Bob Manning said.

“In developing the plan, Council took into account the results of the Our Cairns Survey, conducted in August 2020 and involving more than 8000 respondents, who provided an insight into the sort of city they want to live in and the values they hold dear about where we live.

“The results made it clear that the community wants us to build a diversified and resilient economy, there is a desire to protect and enhance our natural environment, and they want a liveable, connected and safe city that fosters a sense of belonging.

“The plan translates those expectations into clear goals and objectives to be achieved over the next five years and sets the foundation for everything we do through three key values – trust, responsibility and ‘Cairns-ness’.”

Five core areas of focus have been identified in the Corporate Plan:

  • ·         Robust economy – supporting a diversified and resilient economy that backs business, innovation and growth.
  • ·         Natural assets – promoting, protecting and enhancing the city’s natural environment.
  • ·         Design for liveability – creating a safe, sustainable and connected city place that supports quality of life.
  • ·         Community and culture – promote Cairns as the arts and cultural capital of Northern Australia, and support sport,             cultural and community groups that foster wellbeing.
  • ·         Focused Council – be a leader in local government.

 A series of objectives have been developed under each area, along with key actions and performance measures.

“We sat down and asked ourselves what we – as both a Council and as a community – want to achieve by 2026,” Cr Manning said.

 “Never before has the need for agility and determination been more critical as we negotiate a world with new challenges that require us to adapt quickly and decisively.”

Cr Manning said the plan also sets the values and direction for Council’s 1200-plus employees.

“Each employee has a role in achieving the goals of this plan. They must work as a team, sharing a common vision that will deliver real results for the entire region,” Cr Manning said.

“Together we will move toward becoming a sustainable, globally connected city, driven by innovation and resilience and renowned for the enviable lifestyle our community values so much.”

Cr Manning said the values contained within the Corporate Plan described a highly desirable region in which residents could take pride.

“We want to protect our pristine natural environment and grow our renewable energy sources while providing a safe, inclusive, lifestyle-driven city that is connected to the world,” he said.

“We will foster events and initiatives that support a rich and diverse culture and support our local economy by fostering a diverse business environment that will lead to growth, innovation, and importantly employment opportunities.

“Through all of this, we will run an efficient organisation that is seen as a leader in local government.

The Cairns Regional Corporate Plan 2021-26 can be viewed in full at

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