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11 September, 2020

A new powerful seat beckons Cassowary Coast CEO

Cassowary Coast Regional Council CEO James Gott advised Council yesterday of his intention not to seek an extension to his five year contact due to end in September 2021.

By Peter McCullagh

Cassowary Coast CEO during EBA discussions

Citing a mixture of the current pandemic in addition to council’s current initiatives as reasons for the early notification.

Under the terms of Mr Gott’s contract he was required to notify Council by February 2021 of any decision, the early notification will allow a reasonable recruitment and handover period to best facilitate a smooth transition.

After spending around 40 plus years in public administration Gott believes it is time to relax with his wife, ‘the divine celestial princess’ in addition to his two sons, six grandchildren and his great grandchild. However the lure of another seat of power also beckons.

Gott plans to swap the CEO seat of local government power for another equally powerful seat and explore our region on his beloved Triumph Rocket 3 Roadstaer motorcycle.

“2.3 litres of pure grunt, the Triumph is a pleasure to ride and will be a different seat of power for me in my coming years”.

“We will stay in the area, having purchased property over 10 years ago and moving here in 2012, long before I joined Council.

“We love the Cassowary Coast; this is the lifestyle and environment that totally suits us.

Throughout his career Gott has worked with many remarkable people, witnessed changes and challenges that leave a lasting legacy upon our communities.

“Perhaps the biggest change I have seen over the past 40 years is the recent  community perception regarding erosion of the Westminster System pertaining to the separation of power.

“The perception by some is that the boundaries separating elected officials and senior management has changed and been diluted.

“Whilst some members of the public may feel that is the case, it truly is not. This erroneous perception has been fuelled in recent years due to the growth of social media.”

Council can now embark upon an extensive recruitment process combined with a comprehensive handover of Council’s business, with the luxury of time.

“This process will be governed by the Councillors, however rest assured, there will not be two CEO’s,” stated Gott.

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