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5 November, 2021

A little ray of Sunflower

Locals and tourists will get another chance to admire, pick and take home their own little bit of sunshine with Anthony Trimarchi opening his most recent paddock of sunflowers in Tolga for the public to enjoy.

MR TRIMARCHI and his sunflowers first came into the public eye nearly a year ago when he opened it up for the first time to the public for people to come and pick their own sunflowers. 

An open day was held last Sunday to launch the opening of the paddock where visitors were treated to a hayride, a tour around other interesting areas and other crops of the farm, from sunflowers to sugarcane to peanuts and more. 

“People love sunflowers, I actually had a doctor from down in Cairns, my father’s heart specialist, who said they create so much happiness,” he said. “It’s a happy place and people love to come and be around sunflowers and take some flowers home. 

“We have done a few different things this time as well, to create a bit of excitement.” 

Visitors are offered the option to donate some money when attending the farm with proceeds set to go towards a local school or another worthy recipient.

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