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3 September, 2021

A healthy heart in the hospital

In 2020 the Cairns Hospital Cardiac team performed approximately 2200 procedures in the Cairns Catheter Laboratory.

By Peter McCullagh

These included closing 21 holes in hearts, the installation of 140 pacemakers and 1160 diagnostics procedures on more than 9800 patients.

This is not a 9 to 5 clinic, their teams were called upon 89 times in the last year, for after-hours emergencies.

The Cardiac Care Unit provides essential services to residents of Far North Queensland, in many cases saving them for having to be transferred to Brisbane for their life saving treatment.

Last year more than 2100 patients were seen in the Cairns Hospital for heart related problems.

As one QSuper Cardiac Challenge rider put it, “This is why we suffer on the ride, so others don’t have to.” – Jimmy Chan


2020 Cardiac Summary:

  • 2200 Procedures in the catheter Laboratory including:
  • 21 holes in hearts closed
  • 5 valvuloplasties performed
  • 140 pacemakers implanted
  • 1160 diagnostic procedures
  • 9848 patients seen in the clinic
  • 539 total number of stents put in
  • 1132 holter monitors performed
  • 6461 echocardiograms performed
  • 79 electrophysiology studies performed
  • 1500 patients helped in cardiac rehabilitation
  • 89 times called in after-hours for emergencies
  • 50 defibrillators and high voltage pacemakers
  • 2103 patients seen in hospital for heart problems.


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