15 May, 2024

Home for beaches Lions club

MARLIN Coast Lions Club has been granted a lease over a shed in Syd and Jane Granville Park at Holloways Beach by Cairns Regional Council.

Home for beaches Lions club - feature photo

Cr Rhonda Coghlan (division 8) said the club had been looking for a home for some time to store its emergency trailer and equipment which had been kept at members’ properties.

She said the club had been “very patient” while the shed was used as the Cyclone Jasper Holloways Beach hub.

A council spokesman said the club provided “important support to the Cairns community, including assistance to those in need during emergencies, and has raised and donated over $60,000 towards local, national and international projects”.

“The shed will provide storage for the club’s equipment, used for community and disaster support, including first aid equipment, barbecue equipment, signage, gazebos, bottled water, soft drinks, cooking equipment and eskies,” he said.

“During the recent Tropical Cyclone Jasper and subsequent flooding event, Syd and Jane Granville Park remained relatively unaffected by flood water and was used as a staging area and hub during the emergency and following recovery period coordinated by the Holloways Hub volunteers donation.”


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