12 February, 2024

Group aims for young blood

LOOKING to bring younger minds with fresh ideas for the community into their team, the Mission Beach Community Association (MBCA) is encouraging young residents to stand for a committee position at the upcoming annual general meeting on Tuesday next week (February 13).

By Isabella Guzman Gonzalez

MBCA president Patrick Bluett.
MBCA president Patrick Bluett.

The Mission Beach Resort  hosts the AGM where new committee positions and assistants will be selected to present new ideas and projects for the community in 2024.

MBCA president Patrick Bluett said the committee was in need of young perspectives to help the association accomplish its goals.

“This year we’re looking to continue to represent the community, improve the quality of life for our residents and improve the infrastructure in Mission Beach,” he said.

“With several committee positions becoming available,  we want younger representation from the community.

“We’re all 50 and over, so we’d really like to attract younger committee members to have a voice for the younger generation within Mission Beach.

“This is an important year for us. We’d love to work with council and local stakeholders to attract GPs and a medical practice to Mission Beach because our closest GP is in Tully and this is just not good enough for our residents and we’ve got no medical infrastructure for the tourists in the region.

“In a small community like Mission Beach, it’s up to local residents and ratepayers to get together and give back to the community, it’s all voluntary but we all work to improve the lifestyle and liveability of Mission Beach.

“It’s really difficult to find volunteers in this day and age but it’s all in the interest of building a better place to live across all facets.”


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