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29 January, 2021

Wayne's World – The ultimate test of a relationship

G’DAY Tropicairnians. Relationships can be very testing especially in these tough times the world is facing.

By Wayne Marshall

 I know up here in the fantastic tropics we were not subject to any major lockdowns like those poorer creatures down south in the cold world.

 Can you imagine being locked up for extended periods with other humans in the same house or apartment for months I would rather tongue kiss a tiger snake.

 But really, we had to do it, and it’s no wonder pet adoptions went through the roof proving that most of us prefer the company of non-humans as our choice of co-habitant.

As for these poor animals that had to endure human companionship for weeks or months the toll will be told by animal behaviour physiologist in the near future.

 Now another side of these lockdowns and travel restrictions was the unbelievable amount of home renovations being carried out by home owners around the world, and up here in the tropics was no exception.

For us team members in the big green box It’s has been extremely busy times helping fellow Tropicairnians keep themselves occupied with sometimes very totally weird home renovation ideas that they may have seen on the internet or as some have told me they dreamt up their crazy designs.

 What really has me worried the most about what the world has gone through over the last year is the prospect of how the kids of the great 2020 saga of home schooling by drunken parents are going to prevail or do we write off all 2020 schooling test results as a bad joke?

 Here is a way my fellow warm weather COVID survivors to check if you have managed to develop a long lasting relationship as it has been said you are allowed to fart in front of your partner when you are truly in love.



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