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25 March, 2021

Wayne's World - The chip debate, soggy is best

G’DAY Tropicairnsians,

By Wayne Marshall

For some reason everyone I spoke to this week wants to discuss the mind-dumbing topic of deep-fried chips.

Now for a humble lad like myself, I was amazed at the level of passion and the variety of opinion this topic generated.

 Now hot chips are a universal favourite throughout Australia, especially with fish, fried chicken or a parmie. But there is an underling argument regarding the finished, served up product.

Should it be served soggy or crunchy chippees and to make matters even worse there is also now a new cooking method - the air fryer?

 I grew up in Vicoldia where when you bought your Friday night fish & chips for the family they were served wrapped up on newspaper, big pieces of battered fish with soggy soft chips covered in salt and heaps of vinegar which was delish.

Another must-have addition to our Friday Family Banquet was the great steamed dim-sims soaked in soy sauce, mmm yummy. (A taste tempting mystery parcel filled with a more secret herbs, spices and meats that the Colonel could cope with.)

At the age of 10 I even managed to score a child slavery job at our local fish and chip shop peeling and cutting potatoes for chips and potato cakes or scallops depending on where you are from, the south or north.

I never understood what the go was with people and soggy fries, they’re delicious.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want any undercooked fries but the ones that are soggy are hidden gems and even taste saltier.

 Forward two hundred years, now not only have our favourite staple foods been dramatically changed but we have also been flooded in with things like chicken chippees, sweet potato chips, wedges of all types and of course the yankie fries.

Even my taste buds have done the big 180-degree rotation to the tune of comparing hot pommy beer to a ice cold aussie lager, (yeah I know a bad comparison) because my new preference is crunchy chippees.

Oh yes you heard right, hot well-cooked crunchy chips covered in chicken salt not ordinary salt – beautiful.

 Picture this my fellow chip cognisors, Friday night sitting in front of the telly with a cold beer on the side and in front on coffee table a plate full of hot crunchy chips with a bowl of gravy beside them.

 Heavenly Friday night
wind downs.



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