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21 May, 2021

Wayne's World: Save water in Cairns, shower with a friend

G’DAY Tropicairnsians, Here is a topic that I thought would be easy: ‘Is showering at night better than showering in the morning’?

By Wayne Marshall

Save water, shower with a friend

But boy was I wrong. I spent the day, walking around the city talking to various people and posing this apparently simple question I was alarmed at receiving 4 different categories of answers.

1.  2% said that they shower only in the afternoon.

2.  5% of people prefer to shower in the morning to start the day fresh, when I asked about how do they sleep with the days sweat on their body and the answer is – no problem.

3.  25% have stated that showering just before going to bed is the best for a great fresh night’s sleep.

4.  68% of tropic dwellers said that they shower morning and night every day.

Now here is where I will most probably upset some readers, but groups 1 & 2, you really are grubs. How can you sleep at night after living here in the tropical heat?

I really hope you wash your bed sheets weekly and if you do not wash them that regularly, try the mongrel test and throw ya sheets at the wall and see if they stick there.

 With group 4 being the majority of tropical top of the world lifestylers, needing 2 showers a day.

I’m thinking there might definitely be a very big need to be looking for more drinking water storage for F.N.Q. so our political leaders better stop wasting money on stupid self-gratifying quests and look at the real facts because no water, no life.

Here’s an idea for our Council water-gurus, perhaps the best idea we could all use to save water in Cairns would be to shower with a friend.

 I digress, soirry for being distracted with my purile thoughts, mind you, it was a good thought.

 I firmly belong to group 3 and love going to bed after a good shower, although if I have had a particularly busy day and I need a SCAN (senior citizen arvo nap) where the must have, is a shower before snore.

 Remember there is no winter cold weather here on the tropical coast so stay and sleep clean.

 Ha. Bet you were all scared I would be doing the nudie for the shower shot.

 Sorry ladies, but modesty got the better of me, I was also scared that I would be thrown out of the bathroom department if I got my kit off.


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