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13 August, 2021

Wayne's World: NOOOOOOO Please not two Waynes

G’DAY Tropicairnsians, It would seem that I like to write about myself and that is true as there was a lot of stupid things done by me during my youth.

By Wayne Marshall

It would seem that I like to write about myself and that is true as there was a lot of stupid things done by me during my youth.

One rather common issue I had growing up, was just how often I cheated death when I should not have and my fascination for how these close encounters really worked.

Why? Who knows the way young immature minds works?

But do you believe in very weird coincidences??

Well, I do. Because many times in my life things have happened that really beats the crap out of me when it comes to logical explanations.

Like how as a kid getting hit and run over by a prime mover, way too many times, hit by cars, thrown off push bikes, motor bikes, horses, bulls, and a wild pig (now that was really stupid) and in my trade having uncountable serious industrial incidents with never ever breaking a single bone and even ending up in I.C.U. twice from massive electric shocks.

Please do not get me started on how many cars I have smashed up to always walk away but the cars are written off and for many of them nothing could be salvaged from.

Having been blessed with a very strong lucky streak that has always seemed to have those leprechaun’s sitting on my shoulders directing all bad luck on to another path.

I was a mongrel kid growing up causing all sorts of trouble but now absolutely proud of the success my two children, now adults, have developed.

With my first-born son a sergeant in the army and finishing a university degree for engineering, while my daughter has taught herself how to speak, read and write Korean and is also studying in university with the goal to teach English in Korea when completed.

It is widely known that the apple does not fall far from the tree but luckily the little red-bearded people are dropkicking them right away, so my family don’t get any of this idiot’s stupid and reckless genes. People have said to me on many occasions that they have thought they have seen me in places only to find out when on closer inspection that it was not me.

When told this I usually have a chuckle as to why on earth would someone create two
of me.

Then one day while traveling down the escalator in Cairns Central shopping centre, there on the ground floor staring up at me like he was kicked in the gonads is my famed doppelganger (German for “double walker” is a biologically unrelated look-alike) and on reaching the base he asks me are you the Wayne’s World he has been continually mistaken for.

Well Graham was wrapped to finally meet his ‘twin’ and we had a laugh about the similar dress style and finding out that his collection of Hawaiian shirts is 6 while mine is 115 but when the talk became about painting his beard that was a firm and resounding NO. While we were talking many shoppers made comment that we must be related and took photos and laughing when finding this was not the case.

Believe in the unbelievable.




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