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27 August, 2021

Wayne’s World – Masterchef, Wayne-style

G’DAY Tropicairnsians,

By Wayne Marshall

I was once accused by my daughter for having a closed mind type of thinking, hold it one darn minute. Since how could it be possible that this fine specimen of true Aussie manhood could possibly have a closed minded?

Many will admit that if floating a stupid idea, I am fully on board, but my thoughts were a little timid when she suggested that I should invest in an air fryer.

Now I did some investigating, and me and Uncle Google started reviewing the subject of pricing, reliability, versatility, and pickle me Nana I was blown away with the results.

The cheapest Kmart model turned out to be the highest regarded machine in Australia even leaving the most prominent brands choking in its dust.

So, one beautiful tropical morning with 3 cups of tar in the guts I head off into Cairns Central grabbing number 4 cup of tar then to Kmart and of course first having a chat with that man mountain people greeter Travis then grabbing a trolley and scooting towards the appliance area to snavel the Anko 7-litre Air Fryer.

I could not wait to get this little beauty home to start cooking up a feast.

After reading the manual, I get some promising ideas from the cooking menu so off to the supermarket to get some supplies and quickly back home and almost slipping on my now salivating tongue.

First cook up is chicken Kiev’s with a light spray of virgin olive oil, now when cooking these in a normal oven they always end up with the cheese and garlic oozing out and burning on the tray, but not with this new toy, in fact they cook quicker, better and yummo.

Next up was sweet potato chippies, again light spray of olive oil and tossed halfway through, and again oh lordy, my tongue is in heaven.

Since buying this new air fryer I have tried a whole wide range of cook ups, chicken nuggets, dim sims, chicken strips, marinated chicken wings and drumsticks, burger patties, flavoured sausages, and very thick juicy steaks marinated in chili infused Worcestershire sauce.

I have even found that my love of KFC has reached a new level after reheating Hot & Spicy chicken that became crispy again and the fries crunchy instead of soggy.

But the best is yet to be revealed, for me the worst part of food preparation and cooking is the cleaning up after, not with this process because all you really need to do is wipe out the trays as there is no actual mess apart from a little oil. 

So being the experimental type of boof-head I have tried cooking garlic bread slices only to find the fan blows the slices all over the place, so good to note no lightweight foods like skins or pastries that will burn as the neighbours get cranky about the smoke alarm going off.

But to my bacon delight I put in 6 full slices in the pan set the temp to 180 and 5 mins then turned over set temp 200 and 4 mins and voila, beautiful crispy bacon and no fat burns

Oh crap, no wonder my shirts and pants seem to be shrinking, but still, I really reckon it is that bloody washing machine making them smaller.



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