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22 July, 2021

Wayne's World: G’DAY Tropicairnsians,

How do you temporarily escape your real-world problems? Several options spring to my feeble mind.

By Wayne Marshall

Perhaps you could exercise until you drop from sheer exhaustion, into a puddle of melted body mass called sweat.

Or do you drink yourself to a fever of da da da, I am the king of aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi? Exploring the inner-self through the insides of a bottle.

Maybe you smoke the green happy herbs to the point where everyone is your friend and that ostritch sitting in the corner there,  with a cowboy hat on and mankini is destined to be your newest and bestest friend forever?

I have many ways of personally escaping. I’m often found traversing the footpaths of our CBD talking with interesting folks that are amazed by a midget with a painted beard.

I used to do life threatening stunts when I was ten foot tall and bullet proof as a young fella.

I tried solo sky diving, solo hang gliding over Bells Beach cliffs after 2 minutes of instructions.

Fearing nothing I abseiled face forward off city buildings, spent some time as a speedway sidecar monkey getting my head ground into the dirt track, and many more (some say stupid) activities.

In recent times, just last year I did a bungy jump with my daughter Bec and team member Scotty out at A.J. Hackett, Smithfield.

Bec was not too impressed when I turned up for the jump dressed up like a female bumble bee and even less impressed when I refused to get changed for lunch in town (even though I shouted) after the jump. Gee, young kids today....

One of my other favourite ways to escape is watching movies on the big screen.

Comedies, action or sci-fi, they are all great ways to immerse your imagination to an unmeasurable level.

You have the Police Academy comedies, 7 movies in all.

Side-splitting funny, fall over laughing shows.

For the best magic movies it is hard to beat the 8 Harry Potter’s, total sheer mind-blowing low violence action movies, from a book series that inspired kids to read.

Of course, we cannot miss out on mentioning the 6 Star Wars movies that had me looking towards the stars dreaming of things that will never happen my lifetime.

But my love is being on the bitumen or dirt road with either 2 or 4 wheels under me going as fast as I can pushing my skills to the absolute limit.

I have come a cropper many times, wrecking vehicles and somehow managing to walk away unscathed most of the time.

Which is probably why my favourite of all movies are the Fast and Furious franchise. An amazing 9 movies in total with the 10th in the making. I hope they make more, but if they do I will have to take off my chinese safety boots so I can count them on my fingers and toes.

When I talk about escaping into rev head heaven, this series takes the cake of V8 dreams gone into super-charged imagination, the wild ideas like flying jet magnets picking up cars driving off cliffs are bloody insane but brilliant.

I am so waiting for the next instalment of sheer insanity for this mad mongrel to lose himself in for a couple of hours.

So here is to escaping from reality back into some favourite memories or fantasies.



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