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25 February, 2021

Wayne's World: Don't worry be happy

PETS for a majority of people are a replacement of human type children, more commonly referred to by their owners as fur babies.

By Wayne Marshall

 When I was growing up in North Fitzroy in Vicoldia, we would ride our dinosaurs to Mary Creek for the purpose of catching tiger snakes for selling to the serum labs to milk and make anti venom.

It was on one of these hunts that I found my first pet, a baby blue tongue lizard that I called Scratchy as he was always scratching on the bedroom walls.

Scratchy was a great mate but his appetite for snails was never ending, and the bigger he got the more he demanded.

Unfortunately my older brother who shared my room was scared of him and mum hated him so I sold him to the pet shop.

Then they carried on about the bagged snakes in my bedroom as well. My mates were not allowed to store the tigers in my room, so this money making venture soon ground to a halt.

 Forward two hundred years my next weird pet was a Alexandrine parrot, with a tail as long as his body.

Chevy was hand reared by myself and my now ex-wife. Unbelievably Chevy developed a dislike for her as well as all females.

Chevy clearly talked, whistled, loved eating chicken bones and also all the buttons on my polo shirts when he was on my shoulder and he always had his head in my drinks.

But his continual screaming at my ex made his position in our house impossible so I gifted him to the bird sanctuary.

 With the pet accepted culture at the big green box we have seen all sorts of pets. Wildlife carers brought in a kangaroo joey on a lead, kids with rats on shoulders, crazy dude with a python around his neck, parrots on shoulders and heads, cats on leads, lizards on shoulders, rooster on a lead, guinea pigs and baby pigs wrapped in blankets and of course dogs of all breeds and sizes.

I love the way most pets realise that I do love all animals, especially the way dogs will lean in to me for a pat and a good belly rub particularly big great danes that would nearly knock me over.

 I have had a woman ask me if she could bring in her pet Shetland pony, and another wanted to bring in her 2 fully grown pet goats and not to be out done a bloke who wanted to bring in his alpaca.

 I am not too sure if it is the bright Hawaiian shirts or the painted beard but when I am walking around the city people are always bringing pets over for a pat and a chat.

 Please remember when selecting a pet it should be a life caring and sharing decision.


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