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22 January, 2021

Wayne's World: 'COVID Karens' – they are all total bees!

G’DAY Tropicairnians, We are in the worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu so many years ago.

By Wayne Marshall

But  you would think in this modern day that we would be more patient and sophisticated in dealing with it and the people around us. Yeah guess again, some of us fail miserably at coping with COVID.

Unfortunately, those who walk amongst us, unable to cope with COVID have the   magnificent moniker of… “COVID KAREN”.

I was first introduced to this uniquely bizarre animal with a startling display of complete stupidity and self-entitlement by a total freak of a woman at a big green box down south trying to demand entry without the required mask, and then proclaiming loudly that the store team leaders were breaching her human rights.

I’m of the understanding that Macquarie Dictionary may introduce a new phrase and description next year. Oxygen-Thief – (see COVID Karen).

Luckily enough she was arrested and fined and totally shamed around the world.

 But that did not deter stupidity raising its head again to grab its five minutes of fame. (Five minutes of fame for COVID Karen is actually 4 minutes, 59 and a half seconds too long.)

Now we have seen this arrogant display of self-importance happen all over the world by female, male, old, young and all races of Karens.

Yes I call them all Karens, with fantastic face and body reaction when this wildly pea brained termite finally becomes aware that I am calling them a Karen.

 We have all seen the world’s number of fatalities rise out of control, I have lost friends due to COVID, so my view of these twits is not high as we know this is definitely not a conspiracy theory.

 Although so much doom and gloom has seemed to envelope the world stage, not all is bad, I have witnessed great deeds carried out by young and old ordinary people here in Cairns, Australia and around the world.

Genuine friendship and sincerity and charity have also been shown by the most surprising ordinary smiling faces doing simple acts of kindness for those in jeopardy and hardship.

 Do not let a Karen upset or ruin your well-being, smile, laugh and be crazy with the great humans surrounding you.

 As a lovely team member called Tina recently said to me, “a smile can and will be rewarded and returned in full.” 



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