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15 January, 2021

Wayne's World - Colour me happy

HAPPY 2021 Tropicairnians,

By Wayne Marshall

Let’s start this hopefully fantastic year on a colourful note.

Do we subject society to bright and stimulating colours or do we just trudge through the year like we did in bleak agonizingly painful 2020?

When you walk around the city, shopping centres and the big green box you will no doubt come across people with bright colourful dyed hair and / or fantastic skin art work.

Now I have seen some absolutely beautiful skin art on some healthy young people, but when I see some tattoos (like mine) that can or have aged badly. The owners have not considered ageing as a factor when undergoing this process. We all will get older and the work will fade or wrinkle out I feel sad.

But let us look on a more fun topic, colouring hair or beards,

I love walking around watching the approaching of sometimes neon dyed coloured hair of some amazing happy people that will always put a smile on my face. Now I do love this fantastic happy and brilliant step in enlightment but geez it is expensive and permanent for up to 2 months.

But for me I am more into beard painting and all I need is to pick one of my 112 Hawaiian shirts and then sort out what face paint colours and design will match. The best part about beard painting is that at the end of the day is all you need to do is have a shower and paint is gone.

Now I can spend up to 1 hour in front of a mirror working the paint onto the beard to match the shirt which my ex-girlfriend says is more than she does, and with the selection of one of my 50+ hats to match the theme always brings smiles on faces.

Not everyone likes this happy approach to life but there again some strange (apparently) humans who like brussel sprouts, bloody weirdos that will probably vote for pole-vaulting to be introduced into the Winter Olympics.

Please try to look on life like my old late great Nana, who use to say that if you can put a smile on 3 people’s faces a day then your heart is good.



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