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16 April, 2021

Wayne's World: A pony, monkey, ton, score, bag of sand: time to talk cash

G’DAY Tropicairnsians, I just love cash. Even the new plastic notes. Give me the stuff with the picture of the Queen on it every day.

By Wayne Marshall

You should always carry cash in your wallet or purse, you never know when you may pass a small stall somewhere packed with just what you have been looking for, or the next greatest thing since they invented the usb-powered pet rock. (Note to self: put that on my birthday wish list.)

I cannot imagine walking around Rusty’s Market without cash. Carrying the good old hard currency can help you when bargaining with stall holders or even shop owners big and small, a bit of quick argy-bargie, and persistent haggling can gain you at times a good discount.

Now I know most punters are not keen or think they have the savvy to haggle but you should step out of your comfort zone and give it a try, you can be rapted with the money you save.

 More good points for cash as the preferred payment method.

Have you ever heard of a person who stole your cash spending more than they stole from you?

But they can if they grabbed your plastics, now that a different matter.

Another positive point is when the great internet or electrical system goes down, how many of us have been caught out at the shops with only cards and the savvy ones walking past us are paying with cash.

Have you ever been charged bank and merchant fees when handing over hard cash?? No.... but you will get charged fees on plastic sales and don’t even bother mentioning afterpay companies that take advantage of strugglers.

Cash enables us to only spend what you have; I know it’s not always possible but give it a good old Aussie try.

 One excellent plus for cash is when trying to find presents. Those ankle biters or that adult someone that already has everything. This is when people usually resort to gift cards. Now this is great until they either misplace or leave it too late and the card expires?

Well guess what Tropicairnsians, cash does not expire!!

My grandkids love it when at birthday or Christmas time, that I hand over a small present and a $50 or 2, so then it’s off to whatever shop to purchase what Poppy could never have thought of.

 So, think about cash as the best alternative and least amount of heartache.

 Stay safe


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