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11 June, 2021

Wayne’s World: Time to celebrate diversity and stop whinging

G’DAY Tropicairnsians, Blimey, what a week, I’ve had no end of whingers all spruiking their views on life and bendin’ my ear something fierce.

By Wayne Marshall

Now I don’t mind someone being passionate about what they believe in, it’s a good thing to really believe in something and stand-up for what you believe in, but really.

 It is said by many that the tropical north has a huge mixture of races thanks to our tourist attractions and beautiful climate… and there is apparently a ‘but’ here.

For some it is too hot and then it is too wet or for some others, it is too much of both. Now come on, fair shake of the cassowary’s casque! (Editor’s note: The cassowary’s casque is the hard bulbous helmet on top of the cassowary’s head).

This is the TROPICAL NORTH and also the ‘Wet Tropics’, as opposed to the ‘Dry Tropics’ to our south (Brownsville).

 And then you hear that in Vicoldia, where the climate changes too quickly, four seasons in just one day.

Or heaven forbid, New South Wales, it’s too bleak and bland, as everyone seems to wear black clothing.

Don’t get me started on West Australia, there’s too many sharks or the tourist attractions are too far apart, and then there’s nothing to do in the NT except drink booze.

Oh goodness I have had some whingers in my ear this week.

 But it’s not only Australia that people want to have a moan about. The Septic Tanks (Americans) also really copped a hiding from negative opinions, with too many guns, angry racist people in segregated states, too much drug violence and so on.

One bloke unloaded on the Arab countries with their very strict and harsh religious laws and places like China with their bad human relations and re-education compounds.

Just when I thought it was safe to unplug my ears, some twit created more noise pollution than you could imagine regarding the level of the world’s pollution - he could not understand that his verbal diarrhoea was adding to it.

I know in some countries the pollution in the air is so bad that people’s eyes burn, and you will see others crouched over struggling to breathe, but the opinion of this guy was that it was too noisy and too many beggars and not enough sandy beaches.

Well, here’s the rub, when we do finally get to travel again, we should remember that if all countries were the same as where we are from there would be no need to leave home.

So, when out and about do yourself a favour, pull ya head in and indulge and celebrate in other cultures.


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