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16 October, 2020

Wayne's World: The great onion debate

During the huge Australia-wide media debate about onions on your u-beaut Aussie sausage sizzle, Wayne’s World went out and with great expense to myself bought two of the great hardware meal staples.

By Wayne Marshall

 First was with the onions on top of the sausage and second with onions on the bottom. 

Now I clearly could not taste no difference that would cause all the ranting and foot slipping that was happening. 

 What I did find was that with the onions on the bottom deck was that they did not spill out with the sauce all over my shirt and as to the suggestion about onions making the bread soggy – nah. 

 But tickle me pink the big problem I found was the other huge life choices that I would have to make: the sauces - tomato – BBQ – mustard – sweet or hot chilli. And the to add more pain to my misery, the sausage sizzle group then pointed to the bread and asked if I wanted white or multi grain or maybe the under counter hot dog roll. 

 Now its bad enough that I must go into the big green box and only try to only buy what’s on my shopping list and not fill up the trolley with the other stuff that I do not need, but first my belly is traumatised with hard decisions. 

 Well pickle me nana, this is all too much. 

 A handy BBQ hint is turn off ya gas at the bottle when finished so no big boom later. 

 Go and get saucy Tropicairnians.

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