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14 May, 2022


LONG overdue, on the evening of Thursday, May 5, the Japanese community came alive to celebrate with Taste of Japan, a social spectacular of foods, drinks, art, crafts, and other Japan-related stalls, located on the iconic Freshwater Station.

Taste of Japan

Taste of Japan, organised by The Australia Japan Society FNQ (AJS), celebrates Japanese culture, cuisine and traditions for locals and tourists to enjoy while honouring the Japanese community in Cairns. 

Organisers were amazed by the successful event. Hundreds of locals and visitors came to support Taste of Japan, see what the Japanese community in Cairns offers, and learn more about this beautiful culture. 

In the evening, the Society held an exclusive VIP Bento Box Train Dinner for members and guests at the McArthur’s Car train carriage. The 30 attendees enjoyed as local Wedding Celebrant Wayne Rees acted as train ticket inspector and the company of many special guests like Acting Mayor Terry James, Director of the Consular Office of Japan in Cairns Tsuneki Matsuda and member of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce Frank Lanza. 

Taste of Japan in Freshwater Station

AJS FNQ representatives said that the Cairns community has been very supportive of Japan and Japanese-owned local businesses. 

“They have been welcoming and caring to the residents that may feel isolated and are dearly missing family without the ease of direct travel from Cairns to Japan, due to COVID-19 restrictions,” they said. 

AJS FNQ thanked all the local Japanese businesses, residents, and their families, like Junko Hirose of Barrons Kitchen and High Tea Trolley Bistro, for their hard work and support in making the event a night to remember for everyone. 

The Australia Japan Society FNQ (Cairns) is a local volunteer, not for profit society that has been in Cairns for 40 years and runs events to support the Japanese community in Cairns and highlight what their culture has to offer. 

For more information on AJS FNQ, visit:  

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