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7 May, 2021

Talitha spills the T

After a long tiring stressful day, nothing beats relaxing and unwinding with a nice cup of tea and some relaxing music to soothe the soul.

Cairns local singer-songwriter Talitha Jae’s new EP ‘Spilt T’ is just the brew you need, with lilting, wistful ballads to take you on a dreamy journey to never-neverland, bundled up in good feels.

With a delicious jazz undertone, Talitha’s voice is often described as an angelic sound that gives you the feels, with inspiration drawn from a mix of jazz, folk, country, indie, pop, and blues.

Fans of artists as diverse as Norah Jones, Clare Bowditch, and Fleetwood Mac are definitely going to enjoy her music.

Talitha, known to her friends as ‘T’ has won and placed in numerous competitions for both singing and songwriting including being a top 10 national finalist in the Listen Up Music Songwriting Festival in 2018 and semi-finalist in 2020, third place in the Folk/Acoustic category at the Australian Songwriters Association Awards, and second place in the Tablelands Folk Festival Songwriting Competition, among others.

She has performed for Music View TV (formerly Balcony TV) and supported Clare Bowditch, and The Wolfe Brothers performances in Cairns, and also followed the Pierce Brothers at the Tanks Up Late.

To catch this little miss sunshine in one of her dynamic performances, be sure to get tickets for the official live ‘Spilt T’ EP launch on July 3 at the Bulmba-Ja Arts Centre.

Meanwhile for a tantalising sip of this delicious T, check out the first single from the EP, ‘Chasing My Tail,’ available from today on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, and at

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