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27 August, 2021

Super Quiz – Word Power

How well do you know your dictionary, this week we test your word power

By Peter McCullagh

1.       If something was described as stygian it would be: stingy, timeless, or dark and gloomy?

2.       The adjective insidious means: indoors, gradual but harmful, or dtrongly felt yet unexpressed?

3.       If someone is described as whimsical, they are: unpredictable, elegant and inexpensive, or fragile?

4.       Vulpine is an adjective describing actions as: murderous, cunning or hungry?

5.       Brumous is best described as: foggy and wintery, rough in texture or obnoxiously loud?

6.       If you are described as frugal you are: silly, cold or thrifty?

7.       To be call an inveterate person, you are: habitual and unlikely to change, soft and malleable or untested?

8.       Threadbare is an adjective best described as: self-evident, shabby and barely adequate or scantily clothed?

9.       A salutary offering is: beneficial, welcoming or verbal?

10.   Contumacious is an adjective described as: rounded, stubbornly disobedient or poisonous but not lethal?

11.   To be described as feckless you are: lacking poise, ineffectual and irresponsible or without skin blemishes?

12.   If someone was described as dilatory they are said to be: looking rundown, chatty by nature or tending to cause delay?

13.   To be fastidious you are: with a strong attention to detail, prone to dieting, or recklessly hasty?

14.   To be described as belligerent you are best known as: originating from a seaside location, exhibiting hostility, or looking shabby and need of a clean up?

15.   To be earnest you are: serious and sincere, wealthy or overly generous?

16.   To take umbrage means: to show resentment, to be in bright sunlight or in a state of confusion?

17.   Sobriquet is a noun meaning: nickname, a tight bandage or a barbeque coal?

18.   Onus is a noun meaning:  proof of residency or status, burden or unique entity?

19.   Ductile is an adjective meaning: of plumbing, easily shaped or weak and ineffective?

20.   If you are described as a troglodyte you are: a lover of birds of prey, a cave dweller or reclusive person, or a know-it-all?

21.   Paean is a noun meaning: fervent prayer, a lowly worker or a song of praise?

22.   To be described as sangfroid you are: snooty by attitude, cool under pressure or a French chef?

23.   To be described as redoubtable is to be: unquestionable, dubious or formidable?

24.   What does imprecate mean: to curse, to be famous or pester or distract?

25.   To have a modicum of decorum you have: a small portion, taking the middle ground (sitting on the fence) or a daily dose?

26.   What does somnambulist mean? A sleepwalker, hypnotists, or historian?

27.   What does restive mean? To be comfortable, leftover or fidgety?

28.   What does anomie mean? Arch foe, mutual attraction or social instability?

29.   To be bona fide means to be: Faithful to the original version, a reliable source or to be made with sincere intent?

30.   To be unproven is to be: Not shown to be NOT true, Not shown to BE true, or Shown NOT to BE true?





1. Dark and Gloomy. 2. Gradual , 3. Unpredictable, 4. Cunning, 5. Foggy and wintery, 6. Thrifty, 7. Habitual and unlikely to change, 8. Shabby and barely adequate, 9. Beneficial, 10. Stubbornly disobedient, 11. Ineffectual and irresponsible, 12. Tending to cause delay, 13. Attention to detail, 14. Exhibiting hostility, 15. Serious and sincere,  16. Resentment, 17. Nickname, 18. Burden, 19. Easily shaped, 20. Cave dweller or reclusive,  21.  Song of praise 22. Snooty attitude, 23. Formidable, 24. To curse, 25. Small portion, 26.  A sleepwalker, 27. Fidgety, 28. Social instability, 29. To be made with sincere intent 30. Not shown to BE true.


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