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1 October, 2021

Super Quiz to test the best

This week’s Super Quiz will test the best, how many will you get right.

By Peter McCullagh

1.       A spider has how many legs?

2.       How many keys are there on a standard piano?

3.       Name the two NRL teams scheduled to play in the NRL Grand Final this weekend.

4.       Who won the AFL Grand Final last weekend in Perth?

5.       Name the two main stars of the movie ‘The Blues Brothers’.

6.       ‘King Creole’ was a movie in 1958 featuring what rock and roll star in the lead role?

7.       What colour car does Homer Simpson drive?

8.       How many countries share a border with France?

9.       What was Ernest Hemmingway’s full name?

10.   Are olives considered a vegetable or fruit?

11.   Who was the author of the Australian novel, ‘Puberty Blues’?

12.   How many founding nations were there for the United Nations?

13.   In which year was the first Harry Potter novel published?

14.   Where will the Summer Olympics be staged in 2024?

15.   Who is the Queensland Treasurer?

16.   How many members are there in the Australian Senate?

17.   How long is the Great Wall of China?

18.   How many of Henry the VIII’s six wives were beheaded?

19.   Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared whilst swimming off which Victorian beach?

20.   What political party did John Curtin represent when elected Prime Minister?

21.   How did the Daintree get its name?

22.   What is the third letter of the Greek alphabet?

23.   Name the first sub-collector of customs in Cairns with the distinction of having a major CBD street named after him.

24.   Who is Nala’s father in ‘Lion King’?

25.   Name the founding members of the Monty Python comedy group.

26.   What is the common name for a baby seal?

27.   What is the collective name for sharks?

28.   Name the capital of Belgium?

29.   Which football club owner has a band called, ‘30 Odd Foot of Grunts’?

30.   Australian cricket legend, Allan Border played Sheffield Shield for what two states?



1. 8, 2. 88, 3. South Sydney Rabbitohs and Penrith Panthers, 4. Melbourne Demons, 5. Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, 6. Elvis Presley, 7. Pink sedan, 8. 11, 9. Ernest Miller Hemmingway, 10. Fruit, 11. Gabrielle Carey, 12. 51, 13. 1997, 14. Paris, 15. Cameron Dick,  16. 76, 17. 21,196 km, 18. Two, 19. Cheviot Beach, 20. Australian Labor Party,  21.  Named by George Dalrymple after an early government geologist, Richard Daintree, 22.Gamma, 23. David Spence – Spence Street, 24. Mufasa, 25. Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin, 26.  Pup, 27. A Shiver of sharks, 28. Brussels, 29. Russell Crowe, 30. Queensland and New South Wales.

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