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7 May, 2021

Super Quiz: How well do you know your Collective Nouns?

Is it a bunch of... a lot of... a parliament of... It's time for Collective Nouns.

By Peter McCullagh

A litter of kittens or a kindle of kittens, or both?

25-30 Genius - Go to the top of the class. You know you stuff
20-24 A total standout - You are on the money
15-19 Above average - Well done, you are obviously aware of what's around you
10-14 Average – You are doing well
5-9 Below average – you need to stop saying a bunch of birds, people, cats, fish…
0-4 Watch out for that herd of birds flying over

1.        What would be the collective noun used to describe a group of leopards?

2.        True or false. The collective noun used for galahs is: a parliament of galahs.

3.        True or false. The collective noun used for galahs is: a parliament of galahs.

4.        Is it a bag of apples or a bushel of apples?

5.        Is it a congregation of plovers or a wing of plovers?

6.        What is the collective noun related to jewels?

7.        Is it a collection of poems or an anthology of poems?

8.        Would it be an embarrassment of riches or a wealth of riches?

9.        When speaking of two pistols would you refer to them as a brace or pair?

10.    Is it a collection of books or a library of books?

11.    Is it an army of ants or a swarm of ants?

12.    Is it a parliament of baboons or a troop of baboons?

13.    Caravan, flock, herd or train all refer to a group of what animals?

14.    You can have a kindle of or a litter of what popular domestic animals?

15.    The collective noun for cockroaches is very apt. What is it?

16.    What the collective noun for a group of crows?

17.    Is it a mob of emus, a herd, or a flock?

18.    Is it a parliament of owls, flock, swarm or watching?

19.    Is it a flock, murder, swarm or unkindness of ravens?

20.    Is it flock, herd, or fold of sheep?

21.    Is it a parliament, council, bunch or prison of crooks?

22.    What is the collective noun for a group of islands?

23.    What is the collective noun for a set of steps?

24.    Is it a jewel, cluster or collection of diamonds?

25.    Is it a posse or a squad of policemen?

26.    What is the collective noun for a group of politicians?

27.    Is it a performance, troupe, or aerial of acrobats?

28.    What is the collective noun for elephants?

29.    What is the collective noun for a group of ships?

30.    Is it a host of a. angels, b. waddle or c. miracle?


1. Leap of leopards, 2. False A giggle of galahs, 3. b.Coven of witches, 4. Bushel of apples, 5. Both are correct, 6. A cache of jewels, 7. Anthology of poems, 8. Embarrassment of riches, 9. Brace of pistols, 10. Library of Books, 11. Both collective nouns are appropriate, 12. Troop of baboons, 13. Camels, 14. Kittens, 15. An intrusion of cockroaches,  16. A murder of crows, 17. Mob of emus, 18. A parliament of owls, 19. Unkindness of ravens, 20. All three are appropriate, 21. Bunch of crooks, 22. An archipelago of islands, 23. A flight of steps, 24. Cluster of diamonds, 25. Both are appropriate),  26.  An equivocation or a lie of politicians , 27. Troupe of acrobats, 28. A parade of elephants, 29. An armada of ships, 30. a. Host of angels.

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