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22 May, 2021

Super Quiz: General Knowledge

30 challenging general knowledge questions, perfect for the pub-quiz fanatics.

By Peter McCullagh

25-30 Genius - Go to the top of the class. You know you stuff
20-24 A total standout - You are on the money
15-19 Above average - Well done, you are obviously aware of what's around you
10-14 Average – You are doing well
5-9 Below average, you need to pay more attention to things going on around you
0-4 Read the paper, don't just look at the pictures

1.     Name the strip of land central to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

2.     Prince Charles is first in line to ascend to the throne after his mother Queen Elizabeth. Name the third in line for the British Throne.

3.     How many teams are competing in the Intrust Super Cup rugby league competition?

4.     The Cairns region is home to the world’s most dangerous bird. Name that bird.

5.     Situated south of Cairns is Queensland’s highest mountain. Name that mountain.

6.     On June 6, 1859 a momentous event took place, what was that event?

7.     What is the primary ingredient of a Cosmopolitan cocktail?

8.     Who is the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia?

9.     What is the name of the passenger train service linking Cairns to Brisbane?

10.   Is the train electric powered of diesel powered?

11.   Name all members of the Beatles still alive today?

12.   In business what does AGM stand for?

13.   What flower was declared in 1959 as the floral emblem for Queensland?

14.   In 1954 Roger Bannister recorded an astonishing physical feat, what did he achieve?

15.   Name the university based in Darwin?

16.   Perth is built on the banks of which river?

17.   Last week the federal government handed down their budget, was the proposed deficit $167B, $127B, $267B or $122B?

18.   Heron Island is off which city/town on the Queensland coast?

19.   Highway 1 in Queensland, also known as the Bruce Highway, is named after…?

20.   Name the female convict depicted on the Australian $20 note.

21.   What alcoholic drink is mainly made from juniper berries?

22.   What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?

23.   In what year did the social media platform Facebook launch?

24.   In what year was Queen Elizabeth II born?

25.   How many keys are there on a standard grand piano?

26.   Name the chess piece that can only move diagonally?

27.   How many teeth does an adult human have?

28.   What is the nearest planet to the sun?

29.   Which of Newton’s Laws states that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’?

30.   What type of animal is a Flemish Giant?




1. The Gaza Strip, 2. Prince George, 3. 14, 4. The Cassowary, 5. Mount Bartle Frere 1822 m high, 6. QLD was declared an independent colony, separating from the Colony of NSW, 7. Vodka, 8. Michael McCormack, 9. The Spirit of Queensland, 10. Diesel, 11. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, 12. Annual General Meeting, 13. The Cooktown Orchid, 14. First man to break the four-minute mile barrier. 3:59.4sec, 15. Charles Darwin University,  16. Swan River, 17. $167B, 18. Gladstone, 19. Harry Bruce, ex-Labour MLA for the District of Kennedy, 20. Mary Beibey, 21. Gin, 22. Omega, 23. 2004, 24. 1924, 25. 88,  26.  The Bishop, 27. 32, 28. Mercury, 29. The 3rd Law of Motion, 30. A rabbit.

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