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8 October, 2021

Super Quiz Friday October 8, 2021

OK pub-quiz gurus, can you master this week’s super quiz?

By Peter McCullagh

1.       Which artist won the inaugural Tricon award at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards

2.       Australian Indigenous NIFA awards celebrate excellence in what industry?

3.       What do the initials “BVOD” stand for?

4.       In what state or territory would you find the town of Mount Direction?

5.       What, beginning with C, is the official name for star fruit?

6.       What ice-cream company makes Paddle Pops?

7.       What is the name given to the list of experiences a person hopes to experience before they die?

8.       Fred Hollows is associated with which of the five senses?

9.       Which Australian golfer went by the nickname of The Dark Shark?

10.   In Australia, which non-statutory body is abbreviated as FIRB?

11.   What does the T represent in the boxing term, TKO?

12.   What part of the human body is known as the ‘funny bone’?

13.   In which American city did the Stonewall riots take place in 1969?

14.   The Kookaburras belong to which family of birds?

15.   In the nursery rhyme, what frightened Miss Muffet away?

16.   In a lunar perigee, is the moon closest to, or farthest from earth?

17.   What was Britney Spears’ first song?

18.   The fear referred to as arachnophobia indicates a fear of what?

19.   Which of the following popular actors has never won an Oscar? Mel Gibson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Mathew McConaughey

20.   In what year were the first Wimbledon Championship held?

21.   What is Chandler’s last name in the sitcom Friends?

22.   What was the name of the cassette type that lost the videotape format war to VHS?

23.   What type of organelle found in plant cells is responsible for conducting photosynthesis?

24.   Which of the following metals is liquid at room temperature? Mercury, Magnesium, Cobalt or Potassium.

25.   Paraburdoo is a mining town in which Australian state or territory?

26.  What is the total number of senators and members in the Australian Parliament? 76, 151, 227, 452

27.  What is the second name of Australian Prime Minister, John Howard?

28.  Which Australian Prime Minister once managed a rock band?

29.  In meteorology, is an anemometer a wind, rain or temperature gauge?

30.  I Am Woman is the signature song of which Australian singer?


1. Lady Gaga, 2. Fashion, 3. Broadcaster video-on-demand, 4. Tasmania, 5. Carambola, 6. Streets, 7. Bucket List, 8. Sight, 9. Ian Baker-Finch, 10. Foreign Investment Review Board, 11. Technical, 12. The ulnar nerve, 13. New York, 14. The Kingfisher, 15. A spider,  16. Closest to, 17. Baby One More Time, 18. Spiders, 19. Johnny Depp, 20. 1877,  21.  Bing, 22. Betamax, 23. Chloroplasts, 24. Mercury, 25. Western Australia, 26.  227, consisting of 76 senators and 151 members of the House of Representatives, 27. Winston, 28. Paul Keating – the band were The Ramrods, 29. A wind gauge measuring speed, pressure and direction, 30. Helen Reddy.


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