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2 May, 2021

Super Quiz: Cairns Local News - How well do you know your Northern Pride team and State of Origin Rugby League?

This week's Super Quiz. Are you a rugby league tragic?

By Peter McCullagh

25-30 Genius - Go to the top of the class. You are a loyal North Queenslander
20-24 A total standout - You are on the money
15-19 Above average - Well done, you are obviously a aware of what's around you
10-14 Average - Well at least you know the difference between footy and football
5-9 Below average - You obviously do not follow the greatest game of all
0-4 Rugby league is not your cuppa tea at all
  1. Name the founding coach of the Northern Pride.
  2. Name the rugby league team he now coaches
  3. in England.
  4. Who was the coach of the Northern Pride in 2014 when they were crowned Premiers and NRL State Champions?
  5. Who was the foundation CEO of the Northern Pride?
  6. In their inaugural season the Northern Pride finished in what position on the ladder and with how many wins?
  7. In what year did the Northern Pride make their first Grand Final?
  8. Name the current Pride player who was a member of that Grand Final team?
  9. In what year did the Northern Pride win their first Grand Final?
  10. Who was the coach of the team that year?
  11. Name the major sponsor of the Northern Pride that year.
  12. In 2011 the Northern Pride set a Queensland Cup record for winning how many consecutive matches?
  13. The 2005 State of Origin series contained 6 Cowboys, can you name them?
  14. How many State of Origin games did Pride coach, Ty Williams play?
  15. In 2017 the Northern Pride announced their Team of the Decade, 2008 – 2017. Who held the record for the most points scored for the club?
  16. Which company is the current naming rights sponsor for the Northern Pride?
  17. There are 6 teams north of Brisbane in the Intrust Super Cup. Can you name them?
  18. The 3 State of Origin Matches scheduled for 2021 will be held where?
  19. The first ever State of Origin was held in which year?
  20. Which team was victorious?
  21. 39 series have been played; how many have been won by Queensland?
  22. What was the largest winning margin for a State of Origin  game?
  23. Name the youngest player ever to represent in State of Origin.
  24. Who holds the record for playing the most State of Origin matches?
  25. Who holds the record for winning the most Man of the Match Awards?
  26. Who has captained NSW in the most State of Origin Matches?
  27. Name the only State if Origin coach with a perfect 100% win ratio.
  28. Bill Harrigan refereed 21 games, under his control how many games did NSW win?
  29. What was Barry Gomersall’s nickname?
  30. There was one State of Origin game played overseas. Where was it played?
  31. There have been two stadiums used in QLD for State of Origin, Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park) and which other stadium?


1. Adrian Lam, 2. Wigan Warriors 3. Jason Demetriou, 4. Dennis Keeffe, 5. Overall 3rd with 13 wins, 6. 2009, they finished 2nd on the ladder with 13 wins, 7. Rod Griffin, 8. 2010, 9. David Maiden, 10. Skill360, 11. 17 games straight, 12. Matt Bowen, Ty Williams, Paul Bowman, Matt Sing, Johnathon Thurston, Carl Webb, 13. 3 in total in 2005, 14. Chey Bird – 574 points, 15. Ken Frost Homes,  16. Sunshine Coast Falcons, CQ Capras, Mackay Cutters, Townsville Blackhawks, Northern Pride, PNG Hunters, 17. MCG Melbourne, Suncorp Stadium Brisbane and ANZ Stadium Sydney, 18. 1982, 19. QLD 2-1, 20. QLD 22, NSW 15, drawn 2, 21. 46 points, QLD d NSW 52-6 (2015), 22. Ben Ikin (18 years 83 days), 23. Cameron Smith 42 matches, 24. Wally Lewis (8), 25. Paul Gallen (16),  26.  John MacDonald QLD (1 win, 0 loss, 0 draw) , 27. NSW 9, QLD 11, draw 1, 28. The Grasshopper, 29. Long Beach, California, 30. ANZ Stadium (QEII Stadium).

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