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27 November, 2020

small instruments, BIG personalities

The ukulele might seem like a baby version of a guitar, but a trio of men are out to prove that it’s not the size of your instrument, but the way you play it that matters.

By Tanya Murphy

Dazz and The Boyzz

Dazz and The Boyzz are a ukulele band whose shirts and personalities are as loud and jolly as their music, and who also hold the world record for the band name with the most “Z’s” in it.

Playing every Sunday from 2pm to 5:30pm at the Beach Almond in Palm Cove, the band consists of Darren Howie on bass and lead vocals, Russel Boswell on lead ukulele and Stephen Myhre on percussion.

After traveling and playing in various professional rock bands for most of their lives, the trio eventually figured out that the happiest rock stars are the ones who play in thongs at the beach.

With three-part harmonies and loads of classic feel good sing-along songs from the likes of the Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Nancy Sinatra, Tom Jones, Garth Brooks, John Denver, Jimmy Buffet and no less than THREE songs about drinking Pina Coladas, this band are dangerously equipped to make you feel like you’re on holiday, even if you have work the next day.

“We all love living in Cairns, and we love a good afternoon of music where people can join in and sing along, and we always have a good crowd,” said Steve.

“A Sunday afternoon singing beach-themed songs at the beach really exemplifies what life in the tropics is all about.”

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