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30 October, 2020

Roll on Ronald - I'm the Burger Master

Now Tropicairnians, I don’t know about you but tucker is my first love (just check out my Santa belly), and when it comes to ripper burgers no-one can squirt sauce on this mug.

By Wayne Marshall

 Which brings about this topic of the week, who knows how to build the best burger in Far North Queensland. 

If you have not twigged already, or been blinded by my burger creating skills, the best burger maker in town is me! Okay Ronald, hold onto your red-wig, here is the secret to my world-wide success in burgers (Scobbie-doo drool on). 

 First is the base, which is toasting the bun inside only, then the sauces from the fridge BBQ, tomato, and sweet chilli. Lovingly place grilled onion and red capsicum, a thick juicy beef patty, cheese, crispy bacon, tomato, cracked pepper, beetroot, iceberg lettuce, mayo then the toasted top bun. 

Do not forget something to clean up the dribbled sauces after the gourmet Aussie meal. Yep, an icy cold beverage will do. 

So here is where the squabbles start – 3 sauces are for the sweet taste, no bloody paper thin patty- the thicker the better and of course we are Aussie’s not Yanks so we must have the good old beetroot. 

 Some young drongo at the big green box even made the most ridiculously silly statement about where is the pineapple and egg, really this pineapple rubbish again people. 

Pineapple is a fruit and like with the pizza does not belong on real food and as for egg, that is fine for a brekky burger at those ‘weird fast food places’ but not in my world class mouth-watering tucker. 

 Fun fact, there is a cheese burger made by one of those fast food plastic burger places that was made in 1999 and the patty and bun is almost still edible 20 years later. Really??? 

Tucker up F.N.Q.

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